Artist Interview: Malleus Trio

In advance of the premiere of their live-to-tape performance, we spoke with Malleus Trio about silver linings, staying safe, and magical moments of music.

Malleus Trio. Left to right: Geordie Hart, Ben Brown, and Dominic Conway.

What has music-making looked like for you this year? What, if anything, has anything shifted in your personal practice?

Like everyone, we’ve been trying to adapt and stay safe so writing sessions and rehearsals have been some combination of outdoors/masked/distanced. We’ve put in more time to sifting and sorting through previously accumulated demos and sketches. There’s gold in them hills!

Who are some of your favourite BC musicians?

That very, very long list definitely includes Peggy Lee, Hugh Fraser and Bruno Hubert.

Can you share one of your favourite musical memories?

We released our latest album, Play Nice, at The Cultch last summer. We all grew up going to shows there and it’s been the site of many a formative musical memory. To be on that stage, playing our music for a full house was beautifully surreal.

Is there anything you’re working on this fall/winter/into next year? If so, can you tell us about it?

We’re currently constructing our third album and that will be the focus for us in the next stretch.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when the pandemic is over?

Go dancing.

Do you think the pandemic has brought about any positive change for music/musicians in general or for you as musicians personally?

It’s tough to see any at the moment. So we’ll answer instead with the positive change we hope and believe could come out of all this: a reappraisal and renaissance of live music in society.

Lastly, what was your favourite moment of the Frankie’s set?

There’s a section during “Half Full” that is meant to start as an open duet. At one point, the sax and drums hit the same figure at the exact same time, completely unplanned. After 13 years together, these moments between the three of us aren’t uncommon but that doesn’t preclude a few goosebumps on stage.

This special pre-recorded live performance was available for two weeks after its stream date. It is now available to donors above $50 as part of our performance archive. If you are interested in seeing it and have the means to support us through this difficult period, please make a donation.