International Podcast Day

It’s International Podcast Day, so in celebration we thought we’d share some of our favourite Jazz  podcasts with you.

There’s a huge variety out there, so there’s something for everyone. Here’s an eclectic selection of our favourites.

Jazz with Laila Biali
Fans of our recent streaming guest will love this podcast of her CBC Radio Saturday Night Jazz Show. Love CBC Jazz shows hosted by cool women? Also try the Hot Air podcast hosted by Vancouver’s Margaret Gallagher.

Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz
This long-running NPR show was a who’s who of Jazz greats. This is a podcast of the radio show founded by the late pianist which continued until 2018 and has lots of fascinating back episodes available.

Smalls Live Workshop podcast
Frequent fliers at Frankie’s Jazz Club will recognize such names as Joe Magnarelli, Ari Hoenig, and Peter Bernstein, some of the most recents guests on this podcast centred on Smalls, a NYC club institution.

The Jazz Show with Gavin Walker
A venerable institution on CiTR radio, now available in podcast form!

The Jazz Bastard Podcast
Two opinionated fellas talk about Jazz. They describe themselves as irreverent, irascible, engaged, and that they are. Also, in case the title was not a tip-off, they enjoy some light profanity.

Burning Ambulance
Are your tastes more Ironworks than Frankie’s? Like a little metal with your jazz? Try Burning Ambulance. That said, recent episodes have featured bassists Christian McBride and Eric Revis.

The Infidels Jazz Show
Speaking of Ironworks, stalwart Ironworks MC and Vancouver jazz flaneur Tim Reinert has great show that posts new episodes on Mondays. Eclectic, just like Tim!

The A-Trane
Long-time Coastal Jazz board member Nou Dadoun hosts this deep-dive roundup of jazz and jazz-adjacent music on Co-op Radio. Catch up on episodes!

The Wild Years
Finally, John Orysik, co-founder and director emeritus here at Coastal Jazz, hosts a weekly radio show  on Co-op that’s a state of the art survey of the state of jazz, highlighting new releases, reissues, and upcoming concerts.