Dancing In Your Living Room

Man oh man, what a year it’s been. If you’re anything like us, the announcement that BC is moving into Step 2 of the Restart Plan has you up off your couch and ready to dance. Due to Public Health Orders, there will be no dancing in person, but lucky for you, we’ve come prepared with a 10-day long digital dance party with plenty of top-shelf tunes to groove to. Here’s some of the best, danciest music the 2021 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival has to offer:

1) Ludic

Ludic describe their music as “sounds that are both playful and explorative”, or, more briefly, “alien motown”. And there is certainly a sense of play woven throughout their music—deep, laid-back & dirty basslines churn in cheerful opposition to spirited guitar riffs & synth sounds. If you’re looking for tunes with a keen, tight groove and irresistible funk, Ludic will deliver.


2) Mary Ancheta

Mary Ancheta is everywhere in this year’s Festival, and rightly so—she’s a go-to side person for many of the city’s finest musicians. But this year she’s also bringing her own group to the Festival for some much-deserved time in the spotlight—her extensive experience, brilliant creative energy, and careful choice of collaborators make for music that’s consistently right in the pocket & an incredible listening experience.


3) Krystle Dos Santos

Clean, clear, and soulful, Krystle Dos Santos is the epitome of sophisticated easy listening. Her silky-smooth vocals and churning rhythms weave neo-soul, jazz, and R&B into an eminently danceable body of music.


4) DJ Kookum

DJ Kookum knows how to get people moving! The official DJ for Snotty Nose Rez Kids (who also have a Jazz Fest show), Kookum consistently serves fresh, innovative sets that turn any stage into a club with the drop of a beat. Joined by award-winning dancer Sierra Tasi Baker, who brings intricate & fascinating movement to the performance, this show is a must-see for anyone who is ready to get down.


5) Tonye Aganaba

While much of Tonye Aganaba’s music is deeply soulful and introspective, there is also an irresistible through-line of groove & funk that more than warrant inclusion in this list. If you’re looking for a listening experience that will both touch your heart and get you up out of your seat, then Tonye is an excellent choice.


If you want to keep the groove going, check out our Dancing in Your Living Room playlist on Spotify!