Buy a Record, Make a Difference 28: Katherine Penfold

Buy a Record, Make a Difference is a new series we have created to help local musicians generate income during COVID-19. It is based on the principle that we should support and reward the hard work local artists have already put into recordings, as it is an immensely difficult undertaking to be creating new material under current circumstances. There is currently a lot of emphasis on livestreaming and innovation in our industry, and while those things absolutely have their place, we think it’s also important to boost projects that have already been completed.

In each post, we’ll ask a local artist a series of the same questions, give them the opportunity to talk about recordings they’re proud of, and ask them to talk about other local musicians whose work they admire. It’s our hope that you’ll take the time to listen to & purchase the work of local artists, or at the very least share their work with others.



Photo by Lindyn Williams


1. Who are you?

I’m Katherine Penfold – an artist, songwriter, and producer who loves everything soul/R&B, jazz, and LoFi (plus a secret country music lover, but that’s another story). I was born in Nova Scotia, raised in Manitoba, and made the move to Vancouver in 2010.

Music, for me, is what gets me through the toughest times. My biggest goal is to create tunes and grooves that others can resonate with. I’m also a video producer, and my favourite thing is to create videos for my tunes so I can share another aspect of my music with my listeners. Most mornings when I wake up I can’t decide whether to reach for an instrument, mic, or a camera.

2. Describe your music as best you can.

My music blends soul and jazz with modern LoFi, creating a unique, neo-soul sound. I love the stories I can create within my songs, especially when the magic musicians I get to perform/record with do the same. I hope it elevates anyone who listens to it.

3. What’s your latest recording (or a recording you’d like to promote)? Where can people get it?

Last fall I released an album called Sweetest Thing that I’m so proud of. I co-produced it next to David Sikula (such a fantastic human being), and it’s been such an incredible trip promoting and releasing it. Then, on top of that, I had the opportunity this summer to remix one of my favourite tunes (“Better“) from the album, co-written with Chin Injeti and Shallom Johnson. It’s called the “Spaceship Remix” and you can find it (and the original album) on Spotify or your other fave listening platforms!

4. Is there another local musician whose work you’d like to give a shout out to? 

There are so many incredible musicians I could list, but my big faves right now are Krystle Dos Santos (her latest album is one of my favourites, plus the amazing video for “Buried Alive” is life changing), Leathan Milne (this guy will transport you to a different, beautiful planet), and Joey Stylez (Joey’s work is so powerful on so many levels). This is such an inspiring community to live in, and it’s even more inspiring to be able to still connect with so many artists during COVID-19 thanks to social media and live streaming platforms. I hugely recommend everyone finding new local musicians and local sounds to listen to because there are so many out there!