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22. Feb. 2017

Spotlight on: Frankie's Jazz Club!

5 Reasons why Frankie's Jazz Club Will Make You a Jazz Lover....

Today is all about Vancouver's favourite jazz-hang, Frankie's Jazz Club!

To give you the best spotlight on Frankie's, we've jotted down our top 5 reasons why it has it going on. To all of those skeptics who say that Vancouver is a no-fun-city, prepare to be convinced otherwise! Vancouver's jazz-scene is on its way up!

If you've heard little about Frankie's at some point or another, but haven't yet made it downtown Vancouver to see what the fuss is all about... read on my friend! We can't wait to tell you why we love Frankie's, and why we think it's the place to go for jazz in Vancouver.


#1: Hear top Jazzers in their element

Every year, Coastal Jazz presents over 1,500 local and out-of-town artists at Frankie's Jazz Club. Crazy, right!? There's always a new international artist to discover, or a group of Vancouver's best local musicians to hear. With over 15 years of experience in the jazz-booking industry, you can rest assured that Coastal Jazz's Cory Weeds will have a great act up his sleeve for your evening out.


#2: Sip delicious drinks at the bar

Frankie's Jazz Club has a full service bar with a crafted cocktail and wine list. One of my favourite places to sit at Frankie's is at this bar. It's casual, you can cozy up with your date, you can order directly from the bartender, and you have the best view in the joint! The bar at Frankie's is designed to be low enough to allow patrons to perch on their bar stools, cocktails in hand without blocking anyone else's view of the stage. If you're a kind and considerate person (and also happen to be a little tall?), you can relax, and chill at the bar without a worry in sight.


#3: Listen to jazz.. without the bar chatter

Come by for a drink, and stay for the music! At Coastal Jazz, we greatly value the quality of our programming, and take pride in the artists who we present at all of our venues. When we first partnered with Frankie's in 2015, a big priority for us was to continue to emphasize the musical experience for our audiences. The venue is first and foremost a jazz club, which is extremely special for Vancouver jazz fans. At Frankie's, guests are encouraged to keep their conversations to a minimum during performances so that the artists can perform in peace, and the audience can hear their every note.


#4: Savour Italian flavours 

The images below speak for themselves, but one of the highlights of visiting Frankie's is that if you're hungry, you will definitely leave satisfied. Frankie's Jazz Club shares a kitchen with its neighbouring restaurant Frankie's Italian Kitchen, and the menu is absolutely delicious. The restaurant is open during all Frankie's gigs, including the Happy Hour shows! Need I go on? Side note.. if you weren't hungry before reading this.. you probably are now. ;)





#5: Visit for Happy Hour!

Yes, Frankie's has a happy hour, and in addition to cheap eats and drinks, we have a unique lineup of jazz trios that perform for happy hour crowds. Come join us for Happy Hour on Wednesday to Friday from 4pm to 6pm with live music at no cover charge. Every week, we update the Happy Hour event listings, so there is always something new to keep you entertained while you treat yourself to a midday escape. 


So hopefully at this point, if you were in any way a jazz skeptic, on the fence about trekking downtown for some live music, or questioning why Vancouver needed another live music venue, we hope that you feel otherwise after hearing us gush!

Here's a little more background on Frankie's in case you're interested...

In an interview with the Straight in 2015, Frankie's programmer Cory Weeds described Frankie's as a space that would give Vancouver "a full time club presenting jazz and blues music... a hub that has sorely been missed since The Cellar closed its doors almost two years ago.” 

Over a year has passed since Cory spoke about Frankie's beginnings, and since then, the club has presented hundreds of musical acts for Vancouverites to revel in! Frankie's has stayed true to its original mandate of being a venue exclusive to the jazz, blues and swing styles. In addition to top-tier jazzer musicians, the club serves its club-goers a delicious menu and cocktail list.

Frankie's Jazz Club Location Details:

Frankie's is located at 765 Beatty Street. It is located right across the street from BC Place Stadium and just around the corner of Roger’s Arena. Frankie’s is the perfect place to start off your game day right. Frankie’s offers you all your favourite pre and post-game specials.


In case we haven't tooted the Frankie's horn enough today, we are SO excited to announce that internationally acclaimed Down Beat Magazine included Frankie's Jazz Club in its 2017 list of "excellent music rooms around the globe."

We hope to see you at Frankie's soon!

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