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Vancouver International Film Festival

September 26 - October 11, 2013

We are pleased to bring you information from our friends at VIFF. Start planning now to enjoy one our cities best festivals.

Vancouver International Film Festival A fall fixture on the international film festival calendar, VIFF is a microcosm of its home city: cosmopolitan, innovative, friendly, culturally complex and very accessible.

Critically acclaimed as "an unspoiled celebration of world cinema," VIFF presents approximately 575 screenings of 340+ films from over 70 countries. An international team of expert programmers view hundreds of films and travel to some of the biggest festival to bring Vancouver the best of cinema from around the world.

VIFF is internationally renowned by filmmakers and fans as an event that succeeds in connecting filmmakers with large, attentive and eager audiences. With exceptional, entertaining and diverse programming, numerous guest filmmakers hosting lively post-screening discussions and accessible special events, VIFF is truly a film-lovers festival!

“Folks used to tell me that heaven’s someplace up north, too, but until I find a friendlier, more vibrantly programmed film festival than Vancouver’s, I’m sticking with the assumption that those two venues got confused.” - Chuck Stephens, LA Weekly


Infoline: 604-683-FILM

9 Muses of Star Empire9 Muses of Star Empire

Lee Harkjoon
South Korea
Mon. Sep 30, 9:00 pm, Vancity
Tue. Oct 1, 4:00 pm, Intl Village 8
Wed. Oct 9, 9:15 pm, Cinematheque

K-pop as you’ve never seen it! Lee Harkjoon gets incredibly intimate access to the grooming and launch of girl band 9 Muses (the endless rehearsals, the rivalries) and nails the whole system. Dragons & Tigers Award nominee. Buy Tickets

Al Helm: Martin Luther King in PalestineAl Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine

Connie Field
Sun. Sep 29, 7:00 pm, Intl Village 10
Tue. Oct 1, 11:00 am, SFU-GCA
Thu. Oct 3, 11:00 am, Cinematheque

An African-American gospel choir goes to Palestine to sing in a Palestinian play about Martin Luther King Jr. It isn't just the glorious strains of gospel music that wash over the West Bank in Connie Field's (Freedom on My Mind) scintillating new film. An impassioned cultural exchange ensues, new friendships are forged, eyes are opened and attitudes are altered. Buy Tickets

Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Film TourApocalypse: A Bill Callahan Film Tour

Hanly Banks
Thu. Sep 26, 9:15 pm, Vancity
Mon. Sep 30, 4:30 pm, Rio

Bill Callahan (aka Smog), a truly great artist likened to Scott Walker playing with Calexico, took his latest album Apocalypse on the road, with director Hanly Banks in tow. Her impressionistic film will bring a huge smile to the face of anyone who appreciates superb music and sound. "A clutch of terrific performances captured by a rapt but also visually skilled fan.” - MusicFilmWeb. Buy Tickets

Flashback Memories 3DFlashback Memories 3D

Matsue Tetsuaki
Mon. Sep 30, 2:15 pm, Intl Village 10
Sat. Oct 5, 9:15 pm, Intl Village 10

Midway between a rave concert and a Koreeda documentary, Matsue Tetsuaki’s trippy film (in hypnotic 3D) looks at Goma, a Japanese didgeridoo player who has trained himself to play again after an accidental brain injury. Small film, big experience! Buy Tickets


Louise Archambault
Sun. Oct 6, 7:00 pm, Vancity
Mon. Oct 7, 4:00 pm, Playhouse

Director Louise Archambault avoids the obvious traps in this thoughtful telling of the love between Gabrielle, a young woman affected by a neurodevelopmental disorder, and a boy she meets through her choir. With the stirring participation of famous Quebec singer Robert Charlebois, this is a crowd-pleaser with integrity. Winner, Audience Award, Locarno 2013. Buy Tickets

Good VibrationsGood Vibrations

Lisa Barros D'Sa, Glenn Leyburn
Sat. Sep 28, 9:15 pm, Intl Village 10
Sun. Oct 6, 4:15 pm, Rio

Forget the Troubles and get your "Teenage Kicks" instead! Set in 70s Belfast, Lisa Barros D'Sa and Glenn Leyburn's exhilarating biopic celebrates the gregarious godfather of Northern Irish punk. "An impassioned, funny and monumentally likable myth-making comedy." - Time Out. Buy Tickets

The Great FloodThe Great Flood

Bill Morrison
Wed. Oct 9, 2:00 pm, Centre for Arts
Fri. Oct 11, 7:00 pm, Vancity

Director Bill Morrison weaves together compelling archival footage of the great Mississippi flood of 1927, complemented by a very well-considered Bill Frisell original score. That flood led to an exodus of sharecroppers, all heading north. The result? Chicago blues, rhythm & blues and, ultimately, rock 'n' roll... The flood was the most destructive in American history--27,000 square miles were inundated. The migration fueled the evolution of acoustic blues, including artists who witnessed the flood such as Charley Patton ("High Water Everywhere") and Memphis Minnie ("When the Levee Breaks"), as well as influencing electric blues bands that thrived in cities like Memphis, Detroit and Chicago.

Much of the incredible archival footage here (there is no narration) is taken from sources like the Fox Movietone Newsfilm Library and the National Archives. All the film documenting the catastrophe was shot on volatile nitrate stock, some from the air, some from the land, much from in the midst of the swelling river itself. The partially deteriorated film stock figures prominently in Morrison’s aesthetic--the bubbles and washes of decaying footage are associated with the destructive force of the rising river, the celluloid seeming to have been bathed in the same water as the images it depicts. These layers of visual information--paired with Frisell’s musical mix that combines roots influences with his own inimitable stylings--become contemporary again. The Great Flood’s imagery is visible through history’s prism, one that dances with the sound of modernity.
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Coastal Jazz & Blues

The Great War: Director's CutThe Great War: Director's Cut

Yan Yan Mak
Hong Kong
Sun. Sep 29, 12:15 pm, Vancity
Sat. Oct 5, 7:00 pm, Intl Village 10
Two iconic 90s Hong Kong pop groups, fabulous glam-pop Grasshopper and brilliantly satirical Softhard, mount a joint concert in 2012 and sell out 12 consecutive days. Yan Yan Mak captures not just the shows, but their fans’ fervour and HK’s passionate attachment to its ever-changing identity. Buy Tickets

The Italian CharacterThe Italian Character:
The Story of A Great Italian Orchestra

Angelo Bozzolini
Fri. Oct 4, 6:30 pm, Centre for Arts
Sun. Oct 6, 1:30 pm, SFU-GCA

As polyphonic as a great orchestra at its peak, Angelo Bozzolini's behind-the-scenes chronicle of Rome's famous Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is a stirring, fascinating and insightful portrait. Enhanced by archival material of famous conductors and soloists who've played with the orchestra, it is a grand trip, indeed. Buy Tickets

My Prairie HomeMy Prairie Home

Chelsea McMullan
Sun. Sep 29, 9:15 pm, Rio
Tue. Oct 1, 4:00 pm, Rio

A true Canadian iconoclast, acclaimed transgender country/electro-pop artist Rae Spoon revisits stretches of rural Alberta and confronts memories of growing up queer in an abusive, evangelical household. Lyrical and alluring, Chelsea McMullan's docu-musical questions our traditional definitions of "home" and celebrates the places in between, be they in music, geography or gender. Buy Tickets

Pussy Riot: A Punk PrayerPussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Maxim Pozdorovkin, Mike Lerner
Sun. Sep 29, 11:10 am, Intl Village 10
Thu. Oct 10, 9:30 pm, Rio

The saga of Russian feminist punk collective Pussy Riot is well-known by now, but the lives of the three brave young women beneath the balaclavas much less so. Mike Lerner and Maxim Pozdorovkin change that with this smart and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the group. "The most important film at Sundance this year."--Moviemaker Magazine Winner, Special Jury Prize: World Cinema - Documentary, Sundance 2013. Buy Tickets

RAP IS WARRap is War (Viva Cuba libre)

Jesse Acevedo
Fri. Sep 27, 9:30 pm, Intl Village 10
Tue. Oct 1, 1:40 pm, Intl Village 10
Thu. Oct 10, 12:15 pm, Cinematheque

Refused airplay, the nevertheless very popular Cuban protest rappers Los Aldeanos soldier on, playing secret shows island wide. Jesse Acevedo's vital documentary offers incredible insight into Cuba now and is a testament to the power of both guerrilla filmmaking and underground music. Winner, Audience Award, Miami 2013. Buy Tickets

Vojta Lavička: Ups and DownsVojta Lavička: Ups and Downs

(Vojta Lavička: Nahoru a dolu)

Helena Třeštíková
Czech Republic
Sat. Oct 5, 10:50 am, Intl Village 8
Tue. Oct 8, 9:15 pm, Rio

Despite enviable accomplishments, Romany musician, activist and reporter Vojta Lavička still wrestles with self-destructive tendencies. Unfolding over 16 years, Helena Trestíková’s intimate documentary examines the lot of the Czech Republic's marginalized Roma, while a sweeping Romany music soundtrack grabs your heartstrings and never loosens its grip.
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Jazz Wrapper

Coastal Jazz is pleased to once again present a film during the upcoming Vancouver International Film Festival.

As a community partner with VIFF, we are proud to support  this event - one that adds such richness and vibrancy to the city's cultural calendar. VIFF in turn, has brought added texture to the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival with annual music film screenings leading up the Jazz Fest.

Partnerships like ours go a long way to bridging our audiences and serving them in the best way possible.


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Coastal Jazz & Blues
The 29th annual TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival will take place June 20 to July 1st, 2014 and is produced by Coastal Jazz & Blues Society..

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