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7. Nov. 2016

Quinsin Nachoff Flux

On Sunday November 13, rising saxophonist Quinsin Nachoff plays the Western Front as part of the Bright Moments series. The Toronto (now New York-based) saxophonist brings his killer NY band in support of a new disc on David Binney's Mythology label. Here's a flavour of the concert:

Flux features unconventional bass-less quartet with David Binney (saxophone), Matt Mitchell (piano), and Kenny Wollesen (drums, recording) and Nate Wood (drums, tour).

“Pure, bracing, thought-provoking music…cliche-and convention-free.”
—Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen, reviewing Flux’s debut concert

“[Nachoff’s writing is] bold, diverse and filled with compelling
counterpoint.” – James Hale, DownBeat

Saxophonist/composer Quinsin Nachoff brilliantly captures the sound of evolution on his latest release, Flux, released in September. Exploring the elusive terrain between modern jazz and contemporary classical, between the cerebral and the organic, Nachoff reveals a fervently original sound that evokes bold, incisive playing from a singularly innovative quartet. Nachoff’s vision asserts that the state of flux can represent shape-shifting invention rather than uncertainty – though he’s certainly not afraid to venture into the untested unknown."--Shaun Brady, Arts Journalist

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