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Production - Drums Warehouse

Assist in the on-stage setup and tear-down of all drum kits and percussion instruments. Lifting required.

Drum Transport Volunteer
    • Work under the direction of the Production Assistant, Drum Coordinator, or Stage Manager.

    • Report for shift at the Jazz Warehouse (address TBA), or at venue if scheduled there. Please check in with coordinators or stage manager

    • Has some knowledge and experience of setting up and tuning drums

    • Help maintain inventory and care of drum kits for the festival

    • Move equipment from venue to venue in a van or truck

    • Pick up and returns gear and/or supplies from various suppliers

    • Ensure at least one crew member stays with the transport vehicle at all times! Be aware of theft

    • Make sure gear is used and managed properly

    • May work with artists on an “as needed" basis

    • Drum Transport Volunteers need to be aware that they may be called upon at times to help with other equipment duties

    • Maintain a safe working environment

    • Must wear proper footwear & work gloves. Boots, hikers, running shoes, or steel toes are appropriate; sandals, flip-flops, platforms, and high heels are not

    • Able to lift heavy objects