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Poster/Program Guide Distribution

Distribute advertising materials to promote the Jazz Festival

 Distribution Volunteer
    • Distribute materials to pre-determined routes around the Lower Mainland

    • Approach businesses/locations on the routes that are assigned to you and inquire if they would like to display Festival promotional material

    • Track those businesses/locations and the amount of posters/pamphlets/cards/etc left with them on Distribution Route Sheets provided

    • Submit Distribution Route Sheets in a timely fashion - no later than June 3, 2017

    • The materials as noted above will be available for pickup by Distribution Volunteers at a central location at times as identified by your supervisor

Important Information

Our distribution materials include rack cards and holders. Please let the merchants know that all materials can be recycled after the Festival. The hours of pickup for your materials are:

Hours to be confirmed

Times are limited so please let us know what day and time you will be picking up. If you cannot pick up during these times let us know and we will make other arrangements.

It is imperative that everyone return his or her completed Route Sheets to ensure that our distribution program will be more streamlined in the future. Please email, mail, fax or drop off the completed sheets to Coastal Jazz Office upon completion. Please also include any information you may have about the route.