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24. Jan. 2017

New York, New York!

Cory Weeds gets around. This month, he visited New York for Jazz Connect, a super-cool industry conference; and New York musicians are a bit of a theme this winter and spring at Frankie's Jazz Club. Here he reflects on the town so nice, they named it twice.

I can say without question that I have lived my life without regret.  There isn’t much I would do differently if I could it all again.  I wanted a life in jazz, and boy, do I have a life in jazz!  If I were forced to come up with something that I would do differently, the only thing that I would say is that I would relish the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in New York City.

The longest I have spent the ‘Jazz Capital’ of the world is 14 days. That is not nearly enough time!  I would love to spend 2 or 3 months soaking up everything the great city has to offer. There have been opportunities to move there (or at the very least go there for extended periods of time) but due to a myriad of factors I was unable to do so. The compromise is that I now try to get there two or three times a year. I mentioned to a good friend who lives there that when I fly into New York I’m immediately overcome with excitement, and when I the plane leaves the runaway for home I feel a profound sense of sadness (although also happiness to see my incredible family.) My friend said that he to used to feel that way until he moved to New York, and those emotions went away.  His advice was to stay in Vancouver, and hang on to that "New York feeling."

Once again, this month I had those same emotions as I began the descent into JFK. I became giddy, almost like a child. The five days I was there was filled with so many incredible experiences and stories.

As a huge advocate for local musicians, it goes without saying that we are so very lucky in Vancouver to enjoy the level of talent we have in this city but, for sheer density, there is nothing that compares to the number of incredible musicians that reside in New York. The very best live in New York City. Since my days at The Cellar, I have always done my best to bring the very top level of New York musicians to Vancouver. Some are well-known, some not much, but all are extremely wonderful musicians.

I have been able to do the same through my work at Coastal Jazz and Frankie’s Jazz Club and, as we go further along in the program, the words “from New York” are appearing more and more. It’s especially cool to that on many occasions these New Yorkers are being put together with some of the our great local musicians.

I can’t live there but I can sure try to create a New York atmosphere!

Here are some upcoming personal highlights:

Friday Feb 3: Cory Weeds Quartet featuring Harold Mabern



Sadly, we won't be seeing Jimmy Cobb this time around, but here's a cool video about the making of Emmet's latest recording:


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