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25. Nov. 2015

Jerry Granelli & the Music of A Charlie Brown Christmas

Released in 1965 and named the #4 Greatest Christmas Album of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas', has been a part of holiday traditions for generations. This Sunday November 29, the Jerry Granelli Trio together with the Coastal Sounds Children's Choir, bring the cherished soundtrack to life at The Vogue Theatre.

We had an opportunity to ask Granelli, the original drummer for the Vince Guaraldi Trio a few questions about Christmas traditions, a potential Snoopy band and much more!

Coastal Jazz: What Peanuts character resonates with you the most and why?

Jerry Granelli:
  I guess my favorite Charlie Brown character has to be Linus because he's so quiet then he comes up with the most deep things like "I could tell you what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown..." so I've got to go was Linus. He is just the voice of sanity in the whole strip.



CJ: If you could create your very own working Peanuts character, what would it look like and what kind of personality would you give it?

JG: My own character—I guess I'd make him a little drummer and he would definitely play for better yet I guess he would work with Snoopy if Snoopy had a band.

CJ: The show first broadcast on December 9th 1965, garnered 15.4 million views and received rave reviews by almost every major television critic. In that moment, what did you feel?

JG: See at the time we didn't know all that happened so, we just went about playing our music and then slowly people kept asking for those songs, you know, and it just started to spread so at first it we didn't have all the information like how many people watched it. Maybe it was a little disbelief and shock that really set in fifteen years down the line when you heard it on Muzak and you saw it on TV all the time. 

What is your favourite holiday tradition and is Charlie Brown a part of it?

I've never been a big Christmas guy, even as a child, but I have to say in all honesty the last four years doing the Tales of Charlie Brown Christmas concerts has really become my favourite Christmas experience.  Of course, when my children were little it was fun to really see them light up on Christmas morning. Also I really do enjoy giving people presents.



Tales of a Charlie Brown Christmas


The Vogue Theatre

Two Shows - 2pm Matinee & 7pm

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