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We are looking for passionate, hard-working folks who are available on a part- or full-time basis for 4 to 6 months at a time, who want to develop skills, gain work experience, and accrue school credit  while working in the areas of live music, arts and events, for a non-profit registered charity. If you love music and know a little about media relations, graphic design, website admin, working with sponsors and partners, grant & report writing, logistics, or event production and want to learn more, we want to hear from you.

Here's the calendar of our Internship positions:

September - December: 

1 Media & Marketing Dept internship
1 Executive Administration internship

January/February - August 

3 Media & Marketing Dept internships
1 Executive Administration internship

April - July

1 Production internship
1 Executive & Box Office internship
1 Operations & Volunteer Dept internship





"I really appreciated that my tasks and responsibilities at Coastal Jazz have been very diverse and every project had its own difficulties and challenges. The biggest part of my work as the Marketing/Graphics Intern was related to the creation of promotional and creative material. Among the biggest projects have been the posters and flyers for the "Show-Series", the weekly E-Newsletter, different brochures for all Jazz subscribers, the design for the official Volunteer T-Shirts and of course all print and online advertisements, which has been by far the biggest workload.

I worked several times for a non-profit organizations as a volunteer, however it was also my dream to work for a organization that produces one of the biggest Music Festivals in the World with more than 500.000 visitors. It was an unique experience to see how such a big Festival has been set up and which possibilities we had to promote the shows and events.

Finally, after almost six months with Coastal Jazz & Blues Society I want to give thanks to all my colleagues and especially to my boss. I really appreciate all the experience gained in Marketing, Social Media and Graphic Designs during my PTS."

By Bernhard Gruber, Austria, Graphic and Marketing Intern 



Angelika__opt.jpg"I applied for the marketing internship at Coastal Jazz because I wanted to get practical experience in the marketing field and I also wanted to learn about how a music festival is organized in general. After spending 22 weeks at Coastal Jazz and experiencing the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival itself I can say that I am more than happy with the course of the internship. Although I didn’t expect to have to do graphical design to such an extent I really enjoyed dealing with advertisements and other collateral marketing material. I highly appreciate that I was given the opportunity to try out something new with graphical design and I was happy and proud to see the final outcome. All the staff members at Coastal Jazz are great to work with and I felt welcome from the first day on.

Vancouver is an amazing city and I am happy that I chose this place to do my internship. Overall it was a great experience and coming to Vancouver and working for Coastal Jazz was one of the best decisions I made so far. I will definitely come back!"  

By Angelika Rafetzeder, Austria, Marketing Intern



PetraHeger1_copy.jpgI am happy having taken the chance to work for the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society and to live in Vancouver for half a year.

This internship gave me a detailed view of how the marketing and the organization of such a big festival actually happens. I really appreciate the warmth and friendliness with which I was welcomed at the company. I couldn’t have wished for better working colleagues.

The work itself was interesting and diverse as I worked in different departments which I really enjoyed as I got to see what other departments are actually working on. I also liked the familiar atmosphere in the office.

by Petra Heger, Austria, Marketing Intern






ClemensPuehringer.jpgI am very glad that I took the opportunity to spend half a year in Vancouver, Canada at the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society.

The practical training semester helped me to get an orientation and a better feeling for the position in which I see myself in the next few years. Also, I gained a lot of practical experience, learning specific skills like Graphic Design, Website management, social media marketing, media buying, and marketing planning and implementation in general.

The work climate at the Coastal Jazz office allowed me to become more self-confident and encouraged me to work more independently.

It was an incredibly valuable experience abroad especially in a world which is becoming more and more globalized.

I fell in love with Vancouver and was able to travel from there to parts of the world I had never been to before. Whether it was the experience in the breathtaking Canadian wilderness around Vancouver, Whistler and Vancouver Island or the American cities like San Francisco, Portland and Seattle - I can’t really say what I enjoyed most.

All in all interning at Coastal Jazz was a great experience, both from an interpersonal and a professional point of view. I am very happy that I had the chance to work for such a great company and I wouldn’t want to have missed the fabulous time I had in Canada.

By Clemens Pühringer, Austria, Graphics Intern 



James_Metzger.jpegWorking at Coastal Jazz was a dream come true. When I first started studying music industry at Northeastern University, I had always wanted to see what went into putting on a full-scale music Festival. I had attended the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival several times and when I saw that Coastal Jazz was not only the company behind it, but that they were looking for interns, I knew this would be a fantastic opportunity.

The first thing I learned at Coastal Jazz about what it takes to successfully run a festival, was the need to start with great people. Left to right, top to bottom the employees at coastal Jazz are some of the most caring, friendly, hard-working people I've ever met. I could approach anyone and everyone and not only would they answer any questions, they would take the time to talk with me and have a real conversation.

I was given the room to develop and grow with the help of amazing supervisors, who also allowed me to take on certain tasks on my own. I learned more about media & marketing, the industry, event planning, and of course music in my seven months at Coastal Jazz than I could have ever imagined. It was truly a life-changing event and after working with such amazing people, I can honestly say that I will always feel a part of the Coastal Jazz family. 

By James Metzger, United States, Media and Marketing Intern