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9. Dec. 2015

Get In The Holiday Spirit with Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O


On Thursday December 10 Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O will be putting a new stamp on yuletide classics at The Western Front. Embracing chestnuts like “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”, “Winter Wonderland”, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and others, they bring a hard swinging-to-out there jazz sensibility to seasonal classics. 

We had a chance to ask Matt Wilson a few festive questions.

Coastal Jazz: As a child did you leave Santa cookies and milk? If so, what kind?

Matt Wilson: For sure. mother made great sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas trees.

CJ: What is one Christmas dinner dish you would fight for?

MW: My mom's corn pudding and my wife made an amazing oyster stew once for Christmas Eve.

 CJ: If you woke up as Kevin from Home Alone, what scheme would you use to keep the bad guys from ruining the holidays? 

MW: Listen to and hang with the Christmas Tree-O, of course!

CJ: Are you a fan of eggnog?

MW: Love it for sure but limit my intake.

CJ: On average how long do you leave your Christmas lights and decorations up? 

MW: Until after the New Year.

CJ: What is your favourite holiday themed activity? 

MW: I love the candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve.

CJ: What is your favourite Christmas memory from your childhood? 

MW: My mom once prepared a roast pig when I was young. I remember she had an apple in it's mouth. It was pretty darn amazing. My mom was so imaginative and, I guess, a bit avant garde. :) 

CJ: What's the best gift you've ever received? 

MW: Best gift? A Mattel Bath House Brass trumpet- basically a kazoo shaped like a trumpet but look liked it was made with plumbing parts. Got it in 1968 and I STILL have it. It was made in the USA.

Also my brother got me 3 record set called The Drums on ABC/Impulse that spanned jazz drum history from Baby Dodds to Barry Altschul when I was 13. So influential to my development because I heard a the wide range of drummer's approaches and I assumed that is what a jazz drummer does.



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