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30. Jun. 2017

David Lam Park Weekend Highlights

The David Lam Park Jazz Weekend is an extremely invigorating part of the jazz festival. The special event takes place at David Lam Park and the adjoining Roundhouse Community Centre located at Concord Pacific Palace. The outdoor stage congregates thousands of people to rejoice in great music, food, and culture. The vibrant atmosphere is what brings people back to enjoy David Lam Park Weekend in the warm July weather. DLP Weekend is held July 1 and 2, the music begins at Noon and continues until 10 PM. The program includes 36 concerts and workshops over the two days. 

Here are the highlights of the weekend:


Excluding certain concerts at the indoor Roundhouse Performance Centre, the David Lam Park Weekend is free. Now who can say no to that?


We have programmed a range of different exceptional artists this year that will be performing an upbeat and energetic program guaranteed to move everyone, and make for a good time.

Bands include: Royal Canoe, Lady Wray, Paco Renteria, Horsepowar, Jane Bunnett and Maqueque, Laura Jurd Dinosaur, and more. There is also a TD High School Jazz Intensive Band performance on July 2 at noon!

Here’s a glimpse into the artists that I’m most looking forward to seeing live:


In Horsepowar’s opening line of her song ‘Queen” she claims, what good is a king without a queen? I find it fitting that Horsepowar is rapping about queens because she really is Vancouver’s Bolly-Esque Rap Queen! I mean, see for yourself..

People are buzzing about Horsepowar all over town, she is one of Vancouver’s most exciting female rappers and she is performing at David Lam. GQ India sums her up perfectly: “Horsepowar is what you get when you allow an opinionated slam poet, with a (dare we say, unhealthy) obsession with Nineties Bollywood to take the microphone". Before she entered the rap world, Horsepowar started off as a slam poet in highschool. At the University of Victoria, where she studied theatre, Horsepowar began to experiment with hip-hop beats under her poetry and realized her potential as a rapper. Horsepowar describes her time at UVIC as very valuable. Her theatrical background shines through in her performances where you can expect anything to happen from Horsepower dancing barefoot to painting her face like Alice Cooper.

Horsepowar’s music features hip-hop beats, combined with explicit lyrics and sampling of Indian music to give it that ethnic Indian flare. The Desi girl pride Horsepowar brings to her music is so captivating, and is what grabbed my attention most when first listening to her songs. Her vibe resembles Sri Lankan/British chart-topping artist MIA. I don’t know of many women Indian rappers who are paying homage to hip hop culture but also staying true to their roots and heritage by including Indian culture in their music. Horsepowar is truly one of a kind, and she is just getting started! Don’t miss her performance Sunday July 2 at David Lam Park, 7 PM!


As a 90’s baby who grew up on R&B, hip-hop, and soul- Lady Wray is right up my alley of music interests. Lady Wray (known as Nicole Wray, then) met Missy Elliot when she was only fifteen, blown away by the power in her voice, and her Aretha-Franklin range, Missy signed her right away. Lady Wray’s career propelled upwards from there, producing the hit song “Make It Hot” off her solid debut album. Unfortunately this success was short-lived as the music industry is unpredictable. Lady Wray has also received recognition for collaborating with The Black Keys on their Grammy award winning album- Brothers. Despite her struggles with success in the music industry, Lady Wray is back and more driven than ever with her new solo release, Queen Alone. 

There’s a realness and rawness that is heard in her new music, and she has transformed from a singer into a genuine artist.  If you like listening to powerhouse singers like Beyonce, Mary J.Blige, and Alicia Keys then you will enjoy Lady Wray. Her soulful voice combined with retro soul flair is one worth listening to. Don’t miss Lady Wray’s performance Saturday July 1 at David Lam Park, 8:45 PM!


The David Lam Park Jazz Weekend includes a friendly and interactive arts and crafts centre, and playground for families. There will be refreshments at the popular Mill st Park Bar, and food trucks. Once again, the festival brings the addition of a large LED-viewing screen on site to be located adjacent to the David Lam Park Main Stage. The LED screen provides the public a greater viewing experience by projecting close ups of what is taking place on stage.

David Lam Park stages include three indoor stages: (Exhibition Hall, Roundhouse Performance Centre and educational workshops at The Studio) and the big outdoor stage at David Lam Park. Certain concerts at the Roundhouse Performance Centre are $10 or $32 All In on the Roundhouse Performance Centre Weekend Pass.

For more information: visit our website at


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  • commented 2017-07-05 11:31:52 -0700
    Horse Power was the worst idea for a band for the Jazz Festival I have ever heard and for the last night of Jazz Fest and on a Sunday night at David Lam Park !!!! She is a Rapper not Jazz music and it was terrible to witness! She swore the whole time in front of hundreds of families and little kids ! And Rap is not singing at all!!!! Nor has it ever been ! It’s poetry to music and doesn’t require a singing voice at all!!!!! It was embarassing and depressing for everyone there except a few Millennials who were at the front of the stage and she even had family there and they should be embarrassed for her ! Whoever organized her to be in the Jazz Festival should be replaced and get a new job because it was so inappropriate and stupid to put this Horrible so called " music " in a Jazz Festival !!!!
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    published this page in Blog 2017-06-30 12:19:05 -0700