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1. Jul. 2016

David Lam Park Weekend 2016

The Festival is nearly over! Don't miss this weekend's free David Lam Park concerts, as well as indoor programming at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre. Today's post is a communal effort, so read on for a diverse group of staff picks.

One last weekend! It seems like only yesterday we were booking these bands and getting permits for our last big hurrah in the park.

Here are some highlights—this post is a group effort, so there’s a good selection to choose from.


David Ward and the Golden Future Time Orchestra – 12pm

David Ward, and his crystalline voice, will be performing his recent work Transitioning: A Rhapsody in Five Parts, backed by an 11 piece chamber orchestra comprised of a sublime compliment of Vancouver artists. This man knows how to rock the falsetto!—Rainbow Robert, Manager of Artistic Programming

"... sounds something like Radiohead…as fronted by the young Michael Jackson." The Skinny (UK)

Star Captains - 1:45pm These hosers know their funky souls deeply and are moving people closer and closer to their own contribution to this music all the time. FREE x Stevie Wonder—Cole Schmidt, Guest Programmer

Khari Wendell McLelland and the Unsung Heros 3:30pm  Did you miss Ms. Lauryn Hill? Sorry. You also missed this guy! But unlike Ms. Hill, you’ve got a second chance to see this deeply soulful singer/songwriter outside of his gospel group The Sojourners. Groovy music with a message.—Emma Lancaster, Marketing Consultant

Banda de los Muertos -7pm - a very last minute addition to this year's exciting program, we have 3/4th's of Brooklyn heavies, Endangered Blood, fronting a 10 piece "day of the dead" Mexican brass band. FREE and fun—Cole Schmidt, Guest Programmer

Roots Roundup 8:45pm - I saw these guys perform a very memorable set at a festival in Horsefly, BC a few years back now. Originally formed the year I was born, (do you remember Ken?), these guys are back in the driver's seat and bringing the Saturday night party to DLP. "Don't criticize it, legalize it!"—Cole Schmidt, Guest Programmer



TD High School Intensive with Tomeka Reid 12pm - an annual and beautiful opportunity for the young blood of our city to spend some time with present day creative music cellist and composer, Tomeka Reid, who will be leading her own quartet for one of the closing sets at Ironworks on the Sunday night.—Cole Schmidt, Guest Programmer

Camaro 67-1:45pm - Burn Rubber, Not Your Soul! Check out this recent video of Camaro 67 recording Funkariffic in the studio. Afrofunk in full effect!—Rainbow Robert, Manager of Artistic Programming

Bernie Arai’s Goat Logic 2:30 & 3:40pm – A two-drummer band with influences that include Ornette Coleman and Bad Brains. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Drummer Arai has been the festival “gig king” (the guy who played the most shows) on numerous occasions, and it’s great to see him lead a band that plays the music of his heart. Which is weird. And probably quite loud. But awesome.—Emma Lancaster, Marketing Consultant

Cory Weeds Quintet ft. Terell Stafford 3:30pm- Coastal's very own will be leading his longstanding quintet featuring guest NYC based trumpet man, Terell Stafford. This will be their second of three hits at this year's festival. Check out Frankie's on Beatty Street for more of this.—Cole Schmidt, Guest Programmer

Wooden Horsemen 7pm- I first heard these guys as a compelling folk trio. They've since added nearly six musicians in order to light it up and get people out of their introspective seats. This will be one great way to send off the festival.—Cole Schmidt, Guest Programmer

Delhi 2 Dublin- 8:45pm Back up Bollywood! Check out this over the top hilarious video for TumbiWOW, featuring a high stakes ping-pong tournament with Rup Sidhu as the referee, and CJBS board member Mo Dhaliwal rolllin’ like a gansta’ taking the bets. –Rainbow Robert, Manager of Artistic Programming

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