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30. Jun. 2016

Where Do These Crazy-beautiful Bands Come From???? Brooklyn and Chicago!!

In the lead up to the 2016 edition of the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Coastal Jazz asked various members of the jazz "family" to share their thoughts about artists who will perform at the festival. Today, Rainbow Robert, Manager of Artistic Programming, talks about the music that inspires her.

Endangered Blood

I have long held the belief that some of the best concert experiences take place in the smallest rooms, this having been said I am still frequently astounded by the fact that some of the most legendary rooms for creative music in New York are some of the most intimate spaces that you can possibly imagine.

When I was in New York last January, I was fortunate enough to catch Endangered Blood live at Barbés in Brooklyn. The bar at Barbés is exactly the type of space that you might expect at a live music venue, a long rustic space packed with music fans getting ready for some seriously heavy tunes. The actual performance space is another story. After parting the heavy curtains to go into the room where the music is happening, one might wonder if the space is actually the vestibule that leads to the gig. This vestibule type space is in fact the gig, and the gig is profound, the room is packed to the seams with audience members wrapt in attention, only 10 of whom were lucky enough to scoop an actual seat.

The line up for Endangered Blood is an almost criminally exciting who’s who of the best jazz and punk rock players in Brooklyn, including bassist Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, The Fantomas, Melvins Lite and Trio Convulsant), drummer Jim Black (Bloodcount, Nels Cline, Laurie Anderson) multi-instrumentalist player Oscar Noriega (Tim Berne’s Snakeoil, Trio Hornito) and reed player Chris Speed (Human Feel, Parchora, The Claudia Quintet).

This Tiny Desk concert on NPR will give you some idea of how well a band like this can operate even in the most ironically small space:


Banda de los Muertos

Banda Banda de los Muertos is an almost-traditional Mexican Banda made of the all of same amazing artists (with the exception of Trevor Dunn), rounded out by another beautiful group of players from the Brooklyn scene.

Check out this little medly, yes I said medly, of Banda Banda de los Muertos performing in the tiny back room at Barbés.




Tomeka Reid Quartet

This quartet is made up of some of the most exciting creative music luminaries from Brooklyn and Chicago, is likely to be one the most sublime performances of the entire jazz festival.

Check out this review of a recent gig at Normals in Baltimore, where the writer points out the fact that “sometimes the smallest shows are the best”.

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