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Time Changes: Improvisation, History and the Body

June 20 - 21, 2015, Vancouver, BC
UBC Robson Campus Room C100
10am - 5pm Free

Saturday, June 20


Artist Talk
PrOphecy Sun: The Body, Chance and Improvisation

10:45am - 12:30pm

Panel: Race, Rhythm and History

Emma Cleary, Staffordshire University
Jazz-Shaped Bodies: Mapping Space, Time, and Sound in African American Fiction

Barry Long, Bucknell University
Freedom Songs at the Intersection of Jazz and Journalism

Brian Jude de Lima, York University
Synth-copated Rhythms: Reanimating Dissonance as a Tool for Rhythmic Prolongation

Brent Rowan, Wilfrid Laurier University
The Impact of a Jazz Improvisation Experience on an Amateur Adult Musician’s Mind, Body and Spirit

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Billy Martin: Wandering

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Film Screening and Discussion
Ornette: Made in America
Moderated by David Lee, University of Guelph


Artist Presentation
Rupert Common and the Freestyle Rap Alliance: Improvisation in Hip Hop

Sunday, June 21


Artist Talk
Julia Úlehla: The Dálava Project: Meditations on (musical) evolution and (cyclic) time: activating past, present, and future through song,
body memory, and improvisation


Panel: Interfaces – Contact Technologies
Kiran Bhumber and Bob Pritchard, University of British Columbia
Neelamjit Dhillon, California Institute of the Arts


Chapbook and CD Launch
Ammons: A Sheaf of Words for Piano
Kevin McNeilly and Geoff Mitchell

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Gerry Hemingway: Expression in Music: A Look Inside the Personal
Language of an Improviser

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Panel: Impacts and Changes
Kathe Gray, York University
All time exists in the present: Utopian moments in improvised music making

David Lee, University of Guelph
Improvised Music in Canada: High Modernism and the Artists Jazz Band

Tom Scholte, University of British Columbia
ASYNCHRONICITY AND THE EMERGENCE OF MEANING IN THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE: Cybernetically Improvised Performance Texts and their Hermeneutic Impacts


Artist Presentation
Ben Brown and Michelle Lui: MAM Music and Movement Improvisation

Innovation Series Concerts (featuring conference presenters)
The Ironworks Studios 235 Alexander Street

The Pugs and Crows (Ben Brown)
Friday, June 19 @ 9:30pm

Destroy Vancouver (Billy Martin)
Friday, June 19 @ 11:30pm

Blaser / Delbecq / Gerry Hemingway
Saturday, June 20 @ 9:30pm

Dálava (Julia Úlehla)
Saturday, June 20 @ 11:30pm