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8. Aug. 2016

B-3 for Bunny

Coming up at Frankie's Jazz Club, August 13 & 14, NYC-based B-3 Organ-master Brian Charette pays a visit--the first concert in a new series called "B-3 for Bunny". Saxophonist Cory Weeds, Programming Manager, Clubs & Special Projects for Coastal Jazz, talks about his love of the B-3 and remembers organ superfan Bunny Moreton.

Those who know me well, know that I’m a Hammond B3 Organ freak!

I have loved the instrument for what seems like forever. I can’t remember where or why it started but I do remember my introduction to the beast was through the Joey Defrancesco. I fulfilled a dream of playing AND recording with him back in 2012 and then again in February of 2014. I have also taken every opportunity I could to share the stage with some incredible organists like Mike LeDonne, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Pat Bianchi, Seleno Clark, Chris Hazelton, Adam Scone, and Kyle Kohler, as well as local organ great Chris Gestrin. There isn’t a musical sensation around that compares to soloing while the Leslie speaker is swirling around. It really is incredible.

There are lots of organ lovers out there, but one that I remember fondly is Bunny Moreton. She was a regular at the Cellar Jazz Club for many years and had an affinity for the organ. I didn’t know Bunny well, but she was a dear friend of a close friend of mine, and we always had nice chats at the club and enjoyed talking to each other about music, the organ and later on, my kids and their progress. When she died, my friend wanted to do something in her memory so we put our heads together and came up with a concert series featuring organists.

B-3 for Bunny gets started with a bang on August 13 and 14 at Frankie's with New York City organist Brian Charette. Joining Charette will be yours truly on tenor saxophone, Dave Sikula on guitar, and Julian MacDonough on drums.  We’ll be playing music from his brand new release on Posi-tone Records called Once and Future. 

On this record Charette takes you on a tour-de-force of the "Once and Future" history of the Hammond B-3 with his fourth album for Posi-Tone. Organ buffs and casual listeners will be delighted to tune in and turn on this groovy and hard-hitting date. The record features an exciting program of musical selections from a wide range of styles, from the funky and familiar to the soulful and original. While the focus and crux of the session rests squarely upon the shoulders of Mr. Charette and his B-3 organ, the strong showings of guitarist Will Bernard and drummer Steve Fidyk also provide melodic highlights and consistently exhibit the kind of strong rhythmic support that always keeps the session in the pocket.

Charette literally wrote the book on the B-3, and his new album can be enjoyed time after time after time. Check him out in action below, and don't miss these special concerts.


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