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Breath Turns: Improvisation and Freedom


Breathturns: Improvisation and Freedom

June 25-26, 2016

UBC Robson Campus
Robson Square Gallery Room
(ice rink level)

10am - 5pm

Free to the Public

 Evan Parker

Saturday, June 25th

9:45 am          Welcome and Opening Remarks

Kevin McNeilly, University of British Columbia

Breathturns: The Poetics of Improvisation


10 am                         Artist Talk

Kiran Bhumber, University of British Columbia

Gesture Tracking: The Physicality of Sound Through Movement


10:45-12:30  Panel: Promise, Freedom and Error

Helen Pridmore, University of Regina

Breath and Silence in Improvisation: A Talk and a Group Improvisation


Andrew Czink, Simon Fraser University

Free Improvisation’s Impossible Promise: music, invention, freedom, politics


Patrick Boyle, University of Victoria

Improvisation and the Politics of Error


12:30-1pm    lunch break


1:00 -2:00pm            Artist Keynote

Georg Graewe (Germany)

L'improvisation n'existe pas - the invocation of evil in contemporary musics


2:00 -3:30pm Round Table: Freaking Out: Transgressive Timbres in Improvisation

Charles Sharp, California State University Fullerton

Jeff Schwartz, Los Angeles and Dave Chokroun, Vancouver


3:30pm          Artist Presentation

Rup Sidhu

Inform Formless

Sunday, June 26th


9:45 am          Welcome and Opening Remarks


10am              Artist Talk

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

Cracks Filled with Gold


10:45am        Panel: Mayhem, Irreverence and Undoing

Randy Fertel, Fertel Foundation, New Orleans and New York

Hermes’s Farts and Improv's Spirit of Freedom


Laurel Ralston, Carleton University

Electric Mayhem and the Performance of Difference


Tomasz Michalak, University of British Columbia, with Rena Del Pieve Gobbi and Jan Mascini

Auditory Landscape Subjectivity: The Emergence of Character in Gertrude Stein’s An Exercise in Analysis


12:15 -1pm   lunch break


1pm-2pm       Artist Keynote

Evan Parker (UK)

Breath, Line and Resonance


2pm-3:30pm Panel: Breathing Freely, Ecologies of Place

James Gordon Williams, Syracuse University

Crossing Bar Lines: Improvising the Black Subject Through Unconventional Musical Practices


Barry Long, Bucknell University

Come Sunday Morning: Mahalia Jackson, Spirituality, and Signifying Freedom


Ken Ge, University of Miami

Ecologies, Venues and Intersections in Chicago Improvised Music


3:30pm          Artist Presentation

Tommy Babin The Parma Manifesto



Concerts Featuring Artist Speakers


Evan Parker/Georg Graewe/Torsten Müller

Performance Works on Friday, June 24

2:30 pm Free to the public


Evan Parker/Torsten Müller/Meredith Bates/Peggy Lee

The Ironworks on Friday, June 24

Midnight ticketed event


Georg Graewe/Dylan van der Schyff/John Paton                    

The Ironworks on Tuesday, June 28th

5:00 pm Free to the public


Ayelet Rose Gottlieb and Anat Fort                                  

Performance Works on Friday, July 1

3:45 pm Free to the public


Tommy Babin/ Mary Halvorson/Skye Brooks/JP Carter

The Ironworks on Sunday, July 3

Midnight ticketed event


Improvisation in Action


2:30 – 4:30pm Open rehearsal

5:30 – 6:30pm Performance

351 ABBOTT at Hastings

John Korsrud, Vince Mai - trumpets

Saul Berson, Daniel Miles Kane, John Paton, Bill Runge - saxophones

Andrew Broughton, Brian Harding, Brad Muirhead - trombones

Corey Hamm, Jillian Lebeck, Tyson Naylor – keyboards

Ron Samworth - guitar