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25. Oct. 2015

#SundaySlowJam-Time Remembered

October 25, 2015
by: Dawn Pemberton
twitter: @dawnpemberton


This week Vancouver music community lost its sparkle as we heard about the passing of the wonderful, Bob Murphy. He was a generous, kind hearted, inspiring and thrilling musician, one of Canada’s best. A fantastic “piano giant” who was deeply embedded in the city’s musical landscape. He played with everyone and was loved and admired by everyone. Bob was a passionate and patient teacher and mentor. I’ve spoken to so many musicians who all said that they have studied with him at some point and time. They all spoke of his gifts as a teacher, many say that he was the best they ever had.

When we lose the ones we love it’s hard to imagine our favourite spaces and places without them. Traces of them linger in the sunlight, swirling leaves, quite evenings, and stark mornings. Sometimes those traces are enough and then there are times when we search and peer into the haze of our memories yearning for more. Time remembered is a tricky thing as it shifts and changes as we do. Gratefully, Bob Murphy’s music is the touchstone that keeps us anchored to his beautiful spirit and all of the things that made him so loveable.

(Bob Murphy - Time Remembered)


(Bob Murphy - Time Remembered)

Thank you for the music. Thank you for your warmth and light. You are missed dearly, Bob.
We will always remember.


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