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1. Nov. 2015

#SundaySlowJam-Spirits Free

November 1, 2015
by: Dawn Pemberton
twitter: @dawnpemberton

You know you’re a bad mamajama when you can give yourself the designation of “Doctor” and no one protests. Dr. Lonnie Smith is that heavy of a musician and character. People have been calling him “Doctor” for more than forty years and rightfully so. He’s earned it. Lonnie Smith is a master on the Hammond B3 organ and a true musical (and style) icon. Known for his blend of jazz, soul, funk and original r&b his musical career spans over 60 years, 70 albums and countless of collaborations with musical greats such as George Benson, Etta James, Lou Donaldson, Esther Phillips, Dizzy Gillespie and Lee Morgan. His staggering musical legacy, this is his thesis. Lonnie Smith can fit in anywhere, with anyone. He’s a shapeshifter and can tastefully bend styles to express his truest self while transporting listeners. This is what experts do.

 The good doctor is in. 

Are you pickin’ up what he’s layin’ down?

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Spirits Free

Check out the fabulous double feature with the Jill Townsend Big Band and Dr. Lonnie Smith on December 4th & 5th at The Annex (Orpheum). Go to or 1-888-732-1682 for tickets.

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