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15. Feb. 2015

#SundaySlowJam - Never Let Me Go

February 15, 2015
by: Dawn Pemberton
twitter: @dawnpemberton

Happy Sunday! Here’s hoping that you are still in a juicy, hazy, post Valentine’s Day “love hangover” and in the mood for one more delightfully buttery tune. “Never Let Me Go” written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston is an intoxicating ballad with a wonderfully crafted melody and thoughtful lyrics. Songs like “Never Let Me Go” aren’t being written very often anymore and I encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the creativity and skill of these songwriters. I believe that Denzal Sinclaire’s take on this tune really distills the song’s finer points and invites the listener to be enveloped by its poetry.  This track features Vancouver’s own Bruno Hubert on piano, Gregory Hutchinson (New York) on drums and Reuben Rogers (Virgin Islands) on bass. This version continually oozes warmth and effortless delivery, from Denzal’s lush tone to Rogers’ syrupy bass solo and simply beautiful ensemble playing; a gorgeous offering by all and one of my favourites.

Never Let Me Go, Denzal Sinclaire

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