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7. Jun. 2015


June 7, 2015
by: Dawn Pemberton
twitter: @dawnpemberton

The Roots have been considered hip hop pioneers since the release of their  breakthrough album “Things Fall Apart”. Fifteen years later, they are now easily recognized as The Tonight Show’s house band and have earned the right to be called “The Hardest Working Band in Show Business”. They have proven that well-crafted, thoughtful and engaging music will catch anyone’s attention regardless of age or genre. The Roots’ musical ideas are constantly evolving and expanding while continuing to preserve their signature sound, perhaps it can be reduced to skill and execution or how the music is recorded? However, I like to believe that it’s deeper than that. I think that their brand of hip hop is so distinct because they stay true to what’s most important to them. They are a smart group of people who value intelligence and truth, who clearly see the world around them and who have enormous musical appetites. They’ve listened to a lot of great music and are well steeped in jazz, soul, hip hop and could spar with any musicologist. Most importantly, The Roots make music for themselves first. They have high standards and good taste. These are their strengths and the reasons why their musical evolution has been so flawless and ultimately, why they are so untouchable.

Have a listen to “Never” (one of my favourite tracks) off their latest album called “…And Then Shoot Your Cousin”. The song’s haunting hook, sparse vibe and deep groove will stay with you.


The Roots feat. Patty Crash - Never


Catch the Legendary Roots Crew June 30th at The Orpheum during the TD Van Jazz Fest. 

Click for more information. 

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