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1. Feb. 2015

#SundaySlowJam - Jesus Children of America

February 1, 2015
by:  Dawn Pemberton
twitter:  @dawnpemberton

This week's Sunday Slow Jam is a fresh take on a Stevie Wonder classic and can be found on pianist Robert Glasper’s last release ‘Black Radio’.

Stevie’s music and message are so potent and meaningful, even 40 years later. How is it that a man who has never experienced the world visually could be such a visionary and capture the human experience so profoundly?  Stevie's perceptiveness and wisdom know no boundaries.

Jesus Children of America - Robert Glasper feat. Lalah Hathaway & Malcolm Jamal Warner

This latest version of this tune takes it a step further and is calling out to those same "children" Stevie was speaking to years ago. This time, I think they are being called to claim their rightful places in the world.


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