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12. Jul. 2015

#SundaySlowJam - Blue in Green

July 12th, 2015
by: Dawn Pemberton
twitter: @dawnpemberton

Today’s offering makes me think of raindrops, warm sunshine and rainbows reflected on walls. There is something special about this ballad “Blue in Green” that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. For me, hearing Kenny Werner play it takes it to the next level. His playing is always so crystal clear and full of shimmering light. He never abandons melody for sake of chops and all of his lines land in beautiful and unexpected places. Many years ago he came to my music school to perform and do a workshop for faculty and students. He was such a kind, funny and easy going guy, with no attitude or ego. Kenny’s approach was simple. Learn this language as best as you can, as slowly as you can,  make music everyday and don’t worry if it is “good” or “bad”. I was struck by how generous, free and confident he was as he played. I even got to do some trading with him during the show…for a moment I got a taste of that freedom and was in that present space where only sound and colour mattered. It was thrilling, beautiful and wondrously holy. I’ve been trying to get back there ever since.


Kenny Werner Trio - Blue in Green

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