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17. Dec. 2015

One-on-one with Dawn Pemberton

"A big voice and irresistible verve..." Vancouver International Jazz Festival

"Forecast: Dawn will be crowned the new queen of Canadian Soul." Pop Forecast, Postmedia 

Debut Album Say Somethin' out now on DoRight!Music


Western Canadian Music Award winner, and our favourite silky-voiced songstress, Dawn Pemberton, ushers in the New Year at Frankie's Italian Kitchen, Thursday, December 31! Ticket price includes a delicious three-course meal. Purchase your tickets today! In the meantime, we sat down for a one-on-one with Dawn and asked her what she's most looking forward to this holiday season:

Coastal Jazz (CJ): What are your New Years Eve traditions?

DP: I really love to clean my house from top to bottom, and set my goals and intentions for the coming year. I want to start the year off with a clear mind and a clean house!

CJ: What holiday dishes and sweet treats do you like to indulge in?

DP: Easy...stuffing and shortbread cookies.

CJ: What is one song we are guaranteed to hear on your holiday playlist?

DP: That's a tough one! I'd have to say "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". It has a nice sentiment and lovely melody. They don't write melodies like that one anymore!

CJ: Did you have any special holiday traditions as a child?

DP: When I was growing up, my favourite thing at Christmas was going to church on Christmas Eve with my family, and then coming home to have snacks and watch movies and Christmas specials. It's the simple pleasure of being together

CJ: Finish this sentence: All you want for christmas is...

DP: Love and empathy. More love in the world. More love for ourselves, our friends and family, neighbours, strangers. I know it sounds trite to say that, but the ability to give and receive love unconditionally is so transformative. It's life changing.

CJ:If there is one artist you could do a holiday duet with, who would it be and why?

DP: I'd love to sing with Nat King Cole. He'd play piano as well, he was such a great player. I'd like to do a duet with him because he was my one of my Dad's favourite singers and we listened to him so much at home. Nat's voice is so smooth.

CJ: What should we expect to see at your New Year's Eve show at Frankie's?

DP: Good friends playing the music they love for good people. It will be a funky, soulful time. I think the place will be bumpin'!


New Years Eve with Dawn Pemberton 

includes 3 course dinner

Frankie's Jazz
765 Beatty Street

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