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24. Jun. 2015

In The News: The Bad Plus is type-A positive

Trio of strong personalities plays as a collective with Joshua Redman.

Roger Levesque of The Vancouver Sun describes The Bad Plus Joshua Redman with perfection:

"The Bad Plus Joshua Redman offers some of the best music that either the trio or Redman has ever done, tuneful, lively and thoughtful at turns, but ready for whatever the journey takes them."

With talent swirling around them, the unique background of the three "Bad Pluses" is quite rare. With the interesting touch of Type A personalities, a combination that usually combusts on contact, the band sits on a firm foundation.

"It was more about the iconoclastic, Type-A leader personalities the three of us have," says King. "So the fact that we're even in a band together is amazing. It was never our idea to put the focus on a few re-imagined pieces. It was just part of our history to look at the pop and rock music of the day and improvise on it." 

For this strong group, as Roger Levesque would say "innovation comes from within" and it's truly a joy to hear. 


Read more of Roger Levesque's Vancouver Sun article here


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