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29. Jun. 2015

All-year jazz. There’s an app for that.

Available for download! The Coastal Jazz iPhone app brings you the latest events and jazz happenings in and around the city. Search by date for upcoming events, or look for nearby venues in the city.

Celebrating 30 years of bringing jazz and blues to Vancouver is a big deal! Celebrating it with a line up that includes Buddy Guy, Erykah Badu, Pink Martini and The Roots is magic. And being able to share it all on a brand new website is a treat.

But having a new mobile app to help music fans find music during the festival and year-round… that’s not just icing on the cake. That’s a dream come true!

When deciding to build a new mobile app, we took a good look at our priorities and imagined what would make the most sense for our fans and visitors.

We moved away from a cluttered app and focused on the two most common questions that us music lovers usually ask:

What’s happening now? What’s happening nearby?

Coastal Jazz Mobile App So we built a mobile app experience to answer those as easily and beautifully as possible. The app allows you to browse all events by time and series, so you can anticipate what you want to see and don’t miss a beat.  

And the app is also location aware, so you can easily see what’s happening nearby and go to the nearest show, right away! 

Best part? The app content is synced with our new website, so you won’t have to worry about seeing any outdated info. It’s all live and up to the minute. 

Discover music year-round

Perhaps the best part of our app is that it won’t just serve as a guide for tens of thousands of fans during the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. The idea of this app is to live on beyond the festival, and continue to provide information on our exciting programming year-round.

Building a community of music lovers who trust our curatorial and programming sensibilities comes with big responsibility. Our app empowers us to meet that responsibility by keeping you informed and entertained all year, so you don’t ever have to miss another unforgettable live music experience in our city. 

So here’s the trick. When your friends ask “how do you always know about all the cool jazz shows in town?”, you can now reply with confidence: “There’s an app for that!”

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