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17. Jan. 2017

Battle Trance

Battle Trance is making critical waves. Their list of critics' picks, top-10 lists, year-end favourites, and other accolades is impressive and ever growing. Here are just a few.
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From Bandcamp:

"Ranging from deep drones to slippery modal progressions, from raging crescendos to stated moments of near-silence, it will leave you elated and exhausted in equal measure."

From Rolling Stone:

"Their playbook seems open and exploratory: mouthpiece humming, accelerating tornados, harsh syncopation, windblown whistles, high-pitched whines and wooshes similar to ocean waves."

NPR Music

"This is a fierce piece, and one that demands attention."


"passages of incredible, transporting beauty that will make your spirit soar, and when the album’s over, you’ll feel like you’re awakening from a week-long nap."

Jazz Times:

"These artists didn’t just make staggering music; they created a new repertoire of sounds, tools that hinted at the shared space between sweat and metal."

The Observer:

"...elements of jazz, classical, chamber music and even metal (an obsession of Laplante’s) are inflected in Battle Trance’s aesthetics but ultimately it’s an unclassifiable beautiful noise."

Free Jazz Collective:

"the techniques are more complex, the endurance needed greater, and the pieces themselves seem to reach even further into the ecstatic sound-world that the previous recording tapped into."

Heavy Blog is Heavy:

"And though tenor saxophonist Travis Laplante is a relatively fresh face in the avant-jazz scene, albums like Blade of Love prove he’ll achieve Zorn-like status as his career progresses."

The Quietus:

"with Blade of Love, these sons of bitches have gone and upped the game yet again."

The Wire:

"horn blasts that punch like multiple Brotzmanns, and solo melodies that cry like a parent who has lost a child."


Chicago Reader

"fully notated concert-length works, which unfold like thrilling journeys that travel through spiky counterpoint, extended techniques, hair-raising firepower, and meditative serenity."





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