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19. Jun. 2017

Backstage Sessions: A Video Interview with Horsepowar

Last week we got to chat to rapper Horsepowar about her upcoming performance at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival on July 2 at 7pm. She shared details with us about her future, her career aspirations, and where she's heading these days (she's heading way up, in case you were in doubt...) 

Meet Jasleen Power, AKA Horsepowar.

 "I believe in individuality and that we are all different, but at the end of the day, we all go through things that have made us feel really low, or really high and we really just need to be there for each other in support. Through my music, I want to show that there is infinite love and room for everyone to get what they want. Life is a big joke in a good way. We should be enjoying our time here because you don't know what is going to happen."  - Jasleen Powar, aka Horsepowar


Horsepowar is Vancouver’s Bolly-Esque Rap Queen. GQ India summed up Horsepowar as: “What you get when you allow an opinionated slam poet, with a (dare we say, unhealthy) obsession with Nineties Bollywood to take the microphone" People are buzzing about Horsepowar all over town, you may see her tearing up the stage at the local live music venues such as Fortune Sound Club, the Biltmore, Venue and many others, or beating everyone at foosball! With 3 EP’s under her belt, HollywoodxHorsepowar, Bollywoes, and the most recently released Out2Lunch, the internationally-buzzed about rapper is just beginning. As Fader magazine described her, “with banging bhangra, hip-hop beats, biting flows and Desi girl pride Horsepowar has arrived!

Check out our video here for the full interview:

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