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9. Jun. 2017

Backstage Sessions: A Video Interview with Coco Jafro

Here's our interview with the global music-sensation Coco Jafro, a seven piece funk, soul, jazz, and Afro-beat band hailing from Vancouver, BC! 

Check out the full interview below for our complete conversation with the group, and to get the latest details on Coco Jafro's upcoming gigs, ideas, and plans for their show at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Fest 2017! We are absolutely thrilled to present Coco Jafro on July 1 at 12pm in David Lam Park's Main Stage. Free!

More details about Coco Jafro: 

Seven-piece musical sensation Coco Jafro's electrified and funky global rhythms combine the schools of funk, soul, jazz and Afrobeat. The band's sound flows from a foundation of deep-set jazz grooves and North African Moroccan rhythms. Coco Jafro's recent accolades include a 2016 nomination for Urban Artist Of The Year, CBC Searchlight regional finalist ranking, and a Van Isle Music Award nomination for Best Live Act.


With three albums under their belt, Coco Jafro shows no signs of slowing down. The band recently returned to the studio where they are recording their fourth album. Coco Jafro's musicians include Karina Morin on vocals, Karl Oystensen on keyboards, Jean Se LeDoujet on bass, Chris Couto on drums, Sangito Bigolow on percussion, and Dominic Conway on tenor sax.

Catch Coco Jafro  on July 1 at 12pm in David Lam Park's Main Stage. Free!

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