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Artist Hospitality Warehouse & Food Prep

Artist Hospitality warehouse volunteers prepare venue bins to be delivered for artists. 

Daily Tasks:

  • Advise AH Coordinator or Assistant if supplies are running low

  • Advise AH Coordinator or Assistant if there are dirty towels/linen

  • Under the supervision of the AH Coordinator or AH Assistant, assemble Rider Request items to be distributed to venues; “RIDER BOXES”

  • Test electric appliances for operation (i.e., coffee makers, kettles)

  • Pack equipment for distribution to venues; “VENUE BINS”

  • Wash dishes before packing for venue distribution

  • Ensure that food items are stored at appropriate temperature (fruit and veggie in the cooler, meat and cheese in cooler, bananas at room temp, etc.)

  • Divide large packages into smaller amounts for distribution to venues (i.e., packages of napkins, bags of snacks/coffee/tea/etc.)

  • Label any items being delivered: venue name, date, performer name

  • Clearly label any items which require cold storage at the venue: “PLACE IN REFRIGERATOR/KEEP COLD”

  • Check venue bins upon return to warehouse: remove all items and check cleanliness; remove any food items (including coffee/tea and honey)


Day Before a Show Tasks:

  • Pack non-perishable food items for distribution to venues

  • Consult production vehicle schedule each day, and assemble, in the designated area, items to be delivered in the Production vehicle to venues


Post Festival Duties:


  • Wash and dry dishes, and pack into storage bins

  • Ensure that coffee makers are clean and dry. Repack into storage bins

  • Remove all food items, including coffee/tea/honey/sugar. Repack into storage bins

  • Count and sort towels. Remove any stained towels to be re-purposed

  • Make note of any items needing repair, restocking or replacing.  Will usually be arranged with artist transport drivers