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Artist Hospitality - Venue

Assist with catering at various venues

Read the Information in the Venue Binder
    • Ask the Crew Chief or Venue Manager if you have any questions

    • Read and understand the Hospitality Policy for your venue. Some venues have specific requirements

    • Note whether Hospitality is to be arranged in the dressing room(s) or in a separate Green Room area

    • READ THE RIDER SHEET for that day, and check that the required items are available. NOTE we have streamlined backstage hospitality and may not be fulfilling all of the rider requests. CONTACT Crew Chief or AH Coordinator if you have questions

    • Coordinate with Venue Manager for access to dressing rooms.

    • Check dressing room(s) for cleanliness. If a shower has been requested by the band (in the Rider Sheet), ensure that the shower is clean; contact Venue Manager if there is a problem. Check that the lights in the dressing room work, but do not leave on

    • Set clean towels into the dressing rooms only if needed. Check rider sheet for the number and colour of towels. Keep supply of clean towels in the bag

    • Coordinate with Crew Chief or Venue Manager for access to liquor inventory

    • Ensure that food items remain at appropriate temperature (meat items stay in fridge or cooler pack until needed, bananas stay out of fridge, water at room temperature, etc)

    • Set out snacks, plates, cups, napkins in the green room area, or in dressing rooms as needed. Check the Rider Sheet for requests for “SOLO cups”; these are the red plastic cups.

    • Set up coffee supplies and brewing equipment, but do NOT turn “ON”. Put milk/cream/creamers into a bowl of ice

    • Arrange some water bottles in each dressing room, at room temperature.

    • Arrange beverages in an ice bin. Add ice 1 hour before band is to arrive for sound check, or as noted on the Rider Sheet

    • Greet the Tour Manager when they arrive. Provide restaurant menus if requested, for band dinner

    • Maintain a secure and calm environment in the backstage area, for the benefit of the performers. Be available to assist performers, but do not hover

    • IF TIME PERMITS, and if directed by the Crew Chief, or Tour Manager, walk to pick up dinner for the band. Tour Manager shall order and pay for the meal

    • IF TIME PERMITS, and if directed by the Crew Chief, Venue Manager, or Stage Manager, walk to pick up dinner for the VM, SM, or others. The person making the pick up request shall order and pay for the meal

    • After the sound check, check and refresh beverage supplies in the dressing room. Remove any perishable goods, and tidy the snacks. Remove empty cans/bottles, wash cups/glasses

Post Show
    • At the end of the show, collect used towels and put into a CLEAR “dirty” towel bag, or the cloth/mesh laundry bag. DO NOT USE BLACK GARBAGE BAGS FOR TOWELS

    • Wash dishes and glasses with hot water and soap, and dry with a clean dishtowel

    • Return clean dishes to the storage bin

    • Rinse and hang up any used dish cloths/rags; hang up tea towels

    • Advise AH Coordinator or Assistant if supplies need replenishing

Strike (End of Run)
    • If we are not in the venue the next day, repack the venue bin. CHECK THE LIST. Make a note of any missing items

    • Make note of any supplies (tissues, hand soap, honey) that need replenishing

    • Assemble all AH supplies/equipment into the designated area for pick up and return to the Warehouse

    • Inspect dressing rooms for any remaining items. Advise Stage Manager of any items left behind by the band.

    • Remove all clean towels, and repack into CLEAR “clean” bag, label with the # of towels

    • Remove used towels and pack into a CLEAR or mesh “dirty” bag. DO NOT USE GARBAGE BAGS FOR TOWELS Pack used kitchen towels into a separate CLEAR bag.